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Wight glass art. Glass and copper fine art. Glass art with copper background.
FRESH, INSPIRED & JOYFUL  -  the way art in your home should make you feel.

Does the art in your home make you smile in the morning and recharge you after a long day?  Does it inspire you to be more creative?  Does it make you happy?  Well, it should!

When I create a work of art, I'm using color, texture and style to create pieces that will appeal to the senses, I hope my work inspires joy and happiness in your heart and home.

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Hello everyone, my name is Deb Wight and I am a creator. Art is in my soul, it is my true passion. My artwork is created using glass, which I hand cut myself and form each piece together to develop unique designs. I love experimenting with the layout and seeing how an image can be altered completely when the glass is laid flat or on its edge. Once the glass is laid out, it is then put onto a wood panel that I have treated textures, pastes and metallics; then finished with a resin pour. Aside from creating the art, I love doing art events where I can personally meet people and see those who love and admire my work. 

Glass and copper fine art customer tells how happy she is with Deb's glass art. Glass art testimonial.

Available Glass Art Venues

Find Deb Wight's glass art in galleries across Texas and Arizona. Galleries to find glass and copper art. Deb Wight is in a gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona and all over Texas.


Deb Wight Deb White does shows and events all over the United States. She lives in Texas but travels to do different venues with her glass art.


Deb Wight can be found online at her website where you can shop for art online. Glass and copper art is on her shop. Wight glass art is available online here.


There are many venues where you are able to view my glass and metallic art. You can see my art at my many events in the Alto, New Mexico area throughout the year or visit my home studio. Then finally, if you need to shop online, I have many of my pieces here on my website that you are able to buy 24/7.  Enjoy browsing my site and contact me with any questions you have.

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