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I knew I was an artist for as far back as I can remember. Creative expression is not just a desire, it is my way of life. I am so very blessed to be a full-time artist.  After many works in pastel, mosaics, photography, acrylic on canvas and glass, my true technique and style came to life. All this study, trial and honing of my skills has led me to combining two materials very seldom seen together in fine art, glass and metallics. I apply specifically selected and then hand cut art glass onto a field of textured and enhanced metallics.  Through these unique textures and patinas, I create an end result that is very unique, stunning and inspirational.  I have blossomed with this new media forging my way to creative originality.


Our move from Texas to New Mexico has been a true blessing.  The home we created in Alto, which contains my studio, is more than I could have imagined.  Full of windows that reveal the beautiful surrounding nature, it truly inspires my creativity and imagination.  When I’m away from my studio, My husband Albert and I love to entertain family and friends as well as travel. Our travels always inspire me to create new and fresh work.


Creating positive and uplifting art that delights and inspires people has been my mission.  Celebrating life and sharing my joy with others is my passion and what you will experience when we meet in person.

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