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A SHOW is ON !!!

Remember what it was like to have something to look forward to? For me, its events like Art Festivals, Vacations, and Gatherings with family and friends. Things seem so uncertain at this point with the pandemic; however, things are opening, and people are getting out. Safely, I hope. Well I am getting more excited by the day as I get prepared for the Breckenridge, Colorado Art Festival. I can barely contain myself.

How an artist prepares for an Art Festival…. what is involved, have you ever thought about it?

Let us take Breckenridge Art Festival for example. First, I plan my booth by designing in on my laptop. Because I know I have a 10 x 10 space and both sides are open I can design where to place walls, where to place openings for best traffic flow and where storage and seating will be. Things I take into consideration for all shows is where my statement piece will hang, where to place my desk and chair, do I have storage for crates and extra work or do I need to load them back into the vehicle. Doing the design in advance helps shorten setup time.

Second, load my vehicle. First to go in is weights. Considering the weather depends on if I take 4, 8 or more. Then panels. Then crates of art then crates of tools, setup crates, tent. Last is suitcase, cooler, golf clubs for the husband if he goes.

Then drive to the event as you get to the event site for setup, butterflies begin forming in my stomach. Its excitement and anxiety. Where will my booth be located? Have my neighbors already set up? Will my space be available? Can I get to my space in my vehicle or is it blocked? Is it raining or dry? Did I bring everything? Is my booth flooded, or are there ant piles in it, or is it on a slope? So many factors to consider when arriving.

Setup…… Setup takes me 3 or 4 hours. This all depends on if I’m solo, or is my husband along for the golfing, how hot is it, how far do I have to dolly to get from vehicle to booth or can I drive right up to it. Obviously first thing to setup is the tent, then weights so You do not blow away. Then panels, then art, then finishing touches.

Done….. Zip up and hope everything is still in the same place the next morning.

The next morning, open up and enjoy the show!!!!!!!!

With all my love, Deb

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