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Receiving an Attitude Boost!

We all need one of these currently in our lives. How did I get mine? A studio photo shoot. Bend the Light Photography shot mine and did a fantastic job. If you are not able to hire a professional, do your own.

A photo shoot can give a boost of excitement to you and your family. For me, I spent a lot of time preparing for the shoot. I cleaned up and staged my art studio, spent time putting outfits together and even borrowed clothes from friends. The slight opening of businesses gave me the opportunity to have a manicure/pedicure done, all to prepare.

The day of the shoot, I laid out all the potential outfits for me and my husband, had daisy groomed, and put on makeup. Wow! Its been awhile since that happened.

The session itself was so much fun. We took photos indoors and outdoors. Posed shots and candid shots. I took photos with my art, with my poodle and with my husband and then all three at one time. It took about an hour, however it flew by quickly. The photographer stayed in her mask the whole session, so we were all safe. After the photo shoot, my darling husband took me out to dinner since we were all dressed up.

When I received the photos, I was shocked, they were terrific. I am not a big picture taking person, but I was very pleased. If this is something you do for you and your family, you will have a great time and then you have a gorgeous photo to frame and hang. Not in place of an original work of art, of course. Ha Ha!

With all my love, Deb

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